Cycle #84

We received 2.27728526 BTC as rewards.

Security Notice

The recent incident at Alex showed how important security management is. Note, that Fast Pool does not manage your STX tokens. They stay in your wallet, with your private keys.

Fast Pool manages BTC rewards from your stacking and distributes these in STX. We use different private keys, sponsored txs to reduce and other methods to reduce any risks for the rewards.

Due to the incident, we did not use aBTC to wrap, instead we used

Liquid Stacking With LISA

This cycle, the Liquid Stacking service LISA with FAST Pool as part of Lisa’s backend delegated 4,105,985.256201 STX to Fast Pool. Lisa used 5 smart contract as pool members (similar to city coin pool members). The share of Lisa was 22.299061% of the pool.

The rewards were distributed with the normal distribution flow:

We encourage pool members to check out the documentation and learn more about liquid stacking at

Dust transactions

There are many dust rewards of 200 sats and 550 sats. We ignore these utxos because consolidating them is more expensive then their value. That means that a few sats will rest in the pox reward address. For this cycle, there were 76,400 sats left in the wallet after reward distribution. This is something to keep in mind when doing accounting.

Consolidation Part 1

After 1 week, we consolidated

Consolidation Part 2

At the end of the cycle, we consolidated and swapped via

Total Rewards

A total of 69,974.434441 STX were distributed to 322 pool members and 5 contracts. The distribution was based on 18,413,265.272161 STX.

Preparing for Nakamoto Release (5% reserve)

This year, the Nakamoto hard fork will bring sBTC. This means that we will replace aBTC with sBTC. The flow will be similar: wrapping to sBTC, then exchanging to STX and distributing.

However, stackers need to do more work eventually, run stacks and a signer node. We successfully started to be signer for Stacks 2.5 and are registered for cycle #84 as signer.

For cycle #84, we sent 0.1134 BTC to the reserve. That is a little less than 5% of the consolidated BTC rewards.

Swapping using simpleswap

Swapping using simpleswap is not as transparent as using aBTC via Xlink bridge. Therefore, here is a screenshot with the exchange ids: