Cycle #74

We received 2.51421144 BTC stacking rewards.

Rewards were exchanged to STX at using xlink bridge (aBTC) and alexgo swap at an effective rate of 4075 sats/stx:

61,692.519972 STX were distributed to 2 city coin contracts and 1117 pool members based on 46,591,197.129886 stacked STX.

Preparing for Nakamoto Release (5% reserve)

Next year, the Nakamoto hard fork will bring sBTC. This means that we will replace aBTC with sBTC. The flow will be similar: wrapping to sBTC, then exchanging to STX and distributing.

However, stackers need to do more work eventually, run stacks and a signer node. We are preparing for that and put around 5% of the rewards aside. We started to build up infrastructure and it will allow us to operate Stacks 3.0 signer nodes.

For cycle #74, we sent 3240 STX to the reserve (around 5% of rewards in STX).

Wrapping using aBTC

The rewards were wrapped from BTC to aBTC. This worked quite well and fast. It is transparent and minting aBTC happens automagically. You can read more about aBTC at