Cycle #71

We received 1.35696200 BTC stacking rewards.

Rewards were exchanged to 65,242.386638 STX at using (1.289733364 xbtc; 6,464,400 sats tx fees + 0.2% wrapping fees) and alexgo at an effective rate of X sats/stx:

71,525.184958 STX were distributed to 2 city coin contracts and 1065 pool members based on a 45.914.605,803127 stacked STX.

Note, the delay by the wrapping service that is out of our control:

Preparing for Nakamoto Release (5% fees)

Next year, the Nakamoto hard fork will bring sBTC. This means that we will replace xBTC with sBTC. The flow will be similar: wrapping to sBTC, then exchanging to STX and distributing.

However, stackers need to do more work eventually, run stacks and a signer node. We are preparing for that and will put around 5% of the rewards aside. This will allow us to build up infrastructure and operate Stacks 3.0 signer nodes.