Cycle #57

According to Stacks on Chain’s Fast Pool dashboard, Fast Pool received 0.35939700 BTC. However, the balance was 0.35908130. The difference of 31570 sats were the network fees for reward distribution of cycle #56. For this cycle, fees of 0.00243344 BTC are paid from the rewards of cycle #57 directly.

The amount of 0.35664786 BTC (rewards - fees) were wrapped to 0.35593456 BTC.

The wrapped rewards were swapped to 13,985.869562 STX at 2545 sats/stx one block after the activation of Stacks 2.3 on May 4th. Before that it was not possible to swap due to a bug in Stacks 2.2.

The STX rewards were distributed to 355 pool members.

The rewards were 0.17% of the total stacked STX. During cycle 57, the bug in Stacks 2.2 gave one stacker a major advantage over all other stackers. The result was that the other stackers received only half of the rewards without the bug.