Cycle #40

Stacking rewards of 1.32165105 BTC have beend wrapped to 1.31835429 xBTC.

1.30504 xBTC were swapped to 70,044.123526 STX at a rate of 1863 sats/stx. The theoretical total rewards are therefore 70,765.125603 STX.

743.732666 STX were sent to 120 Boombox owners.

69,304.528376 STX were sent to 1713 members.

0.013355186 xBTC (=716.864536 STX) sent to 28 members.

This time, we sent the wrong STX amounts to the pool address: 700.743967 STX (for boomboxes) and 69,349.735706 STX for members. The first calculations included members from cycle #39. That was 2.218631 STX above the required amount. Therefore, there is one transaction returning that additional amount (minus transaction fees).