Cycle #35

Cycle #35 ended at block 64656.

From the Friedger Pool dashboard on stacksonchain you can see that


In one transactions rewards for Friedger Pool and the Stacks Advocate Pool have been wrapped. This includes a 0.2% fee. (For details of the wrap check the Bitcoin txs of address 3NoFby5gyf3xXWjSKwcHmr4x6KijvHoiZS.) This results in 1.16686055 xBTC.

In one swapping transaction, 1.16686000 xBTC have been converted to 59,935.582807 STX. That is a rate of 1946 sats/stx.

With the rate of 1946 sats/stx, the wrapped xBTC 1.16686055 xBTC correspond to 59,962.001541 STX. With 18,977,850 STX stacked for cycle #35 that is around 0.32%. The 0.00707862 xBTC that have been distributed directly to 18 users correspond to 363.752312 STX. Adding the distribution the distributed rewards in STX the total would be 59,961.996442 STX.

The numbers are close enough considering rounding errors.