Cycle #33

Cycle #33 finished at block

During the cycle the price of BTC/USD, and many other crypto currencies went down. Therefore, we exchanged stacking rewards (0.56801045 BTC) half way through.

The wrapping happened at the end of the cycle:

After this, there were more stacking rewards (0.01142745 BTC) that will be the starting balance for cycle #34.

The total rewards for cycle #33 were 1.22373970 BTC, converted to 1.2212 xBTC, converted to 67,760.626982 STX (0.00762772 xBTC (tx) + 67,337.388364 STX (tx))

Finally, a recovered amount of 1,264.516405 STX (- 0.025 STX fees) was returned from Friedger Pool distribution address (SPFP001..) to friedgerpool.btc (That address was used to cover the double payout in cycle #31.)