Cycle #32

May 8th, 2022

1.60294115 BTC were transferred (fees: 68,017sats) and converted to 1.599 xBTC (fees: 0.00320453)

1.599 xBTC were split into payouts a) for Boombox Edition #10 b) xBTC receivers and c) the remaining members. xBTC was converted to STX at 2447. This results to the following rewards:

a) 107 Boombox owners received in total 545.939308 STX (1,335,913 sats)
b) 9 xBTC receivers shared 0.00841761 xBTC
c) 1642 members would have received in total 64,455.384175 STX. However, due to the double pay in cycle #31, the rewards were reduced for 26 stackers by 643.447908 STX and the total distributed rewards in STX were 63,811.936278 STX.

For a) + b) 65,001.323483 STX were transferred to the Friedger Pool address and 643.442893 STX sent back to return parts of the double pay in cycle #31.

For the stats, the theoretical total rewards in STX at 2447 sats/stx is 65,345.320800 STX (0.37%). This number was added to the payout list.

May 5th, 2022

We are about to finish Stacking cycle #32. We have Boombox 10th Edition earning with us.

More details about the stacking rewards will be added here soon.