Cycle #31

Cycle #31 was the first cycle where rewards were paid in xBTC to members that set their settings to xBTC at

For cycle #31, Friedger Pool received 1.52453855 BTC rewards. We wrapped these to xBTC (-0.2% wrapping fee) and distributed xBTC to 7 members. Remaining rewards were swapped via Alex Go in 2 txs:

The exchange rate was 2887 sats/stx.

7 members received a total of 0.00601542 xBTC. (the 8th transaction that failed was a duplicate due to wrong nonce)

1691 members received a total of 52,595.114657 STX.

Due to the nonce error during xbtc distribution, 91 members were paid twice (tx 1, tx 2). The final 200 members were paid 3.327,906648 STX after a topup of 2,263.503132 STX.

The theoretical total rewards in STX are 52,807.015933 STX.