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Hi! I'm Friedger, join the Friedger Autonomouse Self-service Trust (Fast) stacking pool using the Hiro stacking app (works with Hiro Wallet or Xverse Wallet).

Use Stacking Web app, read docs first!

I have been a contributor to Stacks since 2018, and am based out of Europe.

I worked on the Android SDK back in 2018. Since then, I have submitted many patches, test libraries and tools as they have become available. I have developed Stacks apps, have mined Stacks earlier in 2022, and even deployed the first user contract on mainnet.

I am inspired by all work that helps to bring back a user-owned internet. I offer this stacking pool as a stepping stone to achieving that vision.

You can reach me on discord (friedger.btc#0185) to provide feedback and ask questions.

As delegatee, I cannot make any APY promises about the payouts. It depends on how much the miners transfer. We do not know in advance, but you can view to get an idea.

This pool is run for the community, there are no fees.

Stacks 2.1

Stacking for cycle #56 and later uses Stacks 2.1. All STX tokens have been unlocked at the start of cycle #55, but still earn rewards for that cycle.

You have to delegate again for cycle #56!

Fast Pool (aka Friedger Pool)

The pool is now called Fast Pool. It is a SELF-SERVICE pool, the smart contract is the pool operator, only reward distribution is (still) trustfull.

First, tell the pox-2 stacking contract that you allow the Fast pool contract to handle your stacking.

Then use the Fast Pool contract (v1) and then call delegate-stx with the desired amount.

For Hiro Wallet Desktop users, you can use ‘SP21YTSM60CAY6D011EZVEVNKXVW8FVZE198XEFFP.pox-fast-pool-v1’ as pool address. (Yes, it is a contract). You need to use version 4.9 (to be released soon).

Your STX token will lock immediately, you can increase the amount every cycle, you can revoke at any time and your STX tokens will unlock 1 day after the end of the cycle.

Do not send any tokens (STX or others) to the smart contract, follow the delegated stacking flow in your preferred wallet

Please do not stack less than 40 STX. Small payouts are hard to manage.

You or somebody else need to renew your delegation every cycle! You have 1 week to do so, after that you can ask your friends or family to do it for your, or setup an automated script.

The Fast Pool Documentation is work in progress..

You can find the documentation at

You can track Bitcoin earnings here, which gets converted to STX and paid to you within 2 days after the last reward was received:

For cycle 56 and later, Bitcoin address:


For cycle 55, Bitcoin address:


More FAQs about delegated stacking in general at

The Stacking Pool

Transparent and Fair


You have the option to lock your stacks for one cycle, for three cycles or for 6 cycles. Use the corresponding address. Your stacks will go in one pool independent of the locked cycles.


Rewards are sent to us in Bitcoins. We are using the BTC address corresponding to our STX address that deployed the first user contract on mainnet.


We only stack your stacks when the expected minimum is met using our best effort. Note, that the protocol requires that your stacks cool down for one cycle after your locking period.


We will payout rewards in STX within 2 days after the last reward was received. It will be proportional to your contribution to the pool. We use the coingecko value of BTC/STX at the time of payout.


Some data for each cycle


Members' Area

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